Example of Essay OutLine

Modern Technology

  • Introduction

Thesis statement:  The most recent significant discoveries to benefit humankind in modern times are in the fields of television and computer.

  • Body

a.  A popular form of instant communication all over the world is television.

  Witnessing important events

  1. Destruction of Berlin Wall
  2.  Launching of spacecraft

         Long-distance medicine by two-way video

  1. Patient and doctor conferences
  2. Special equipment to monitor patient

b. In the last few decades, computer technology has made tremendous progress in the world of  communication to benefit humankind.

1. Long-distance communication

2. Information superhighway

3. Global computer networks Electronic mail

c. Technology has contributed enormously to advance in computer medicine, which has benefited both doctors and patients.

1. Rural doctors and medical  information

  • Less access in past
  • Immediate access today

2.  Rural doctors and urban medical centers

Use of computer to prescribe treatment

3.   X-ray pictures of body parts

  • Diagnosis of diseases and disorders
  • Necessary treatments

4. Computer-aided diagnosis

Example of woman with headaches

  • Conclusion

To conclude, scientific research and experiments have certainly opened the doors to faster, more easily accessible information worldwide on television and the computer. Many of these discoveries have changed our lives for the better and have made the people of the world closer.

(Taken from Oshima, A & Ann H. 1999. Writing academic English 3rd Edition. New York: Longman)


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