A traffic-jam-reducing algorithm that should have SoCal drooling


If there’s a part of day-to-day living that leaves me feeling more helpless than a traffic jam, I don’t know what it is. I mean, everyone is heading in the same direction, so why the heck am I stopping every one-eighth mile or, worse yet, stuck in this same darn spot for the past five minutes?!

Thankfully, relief could be on the way thanks to research from MIT professor Berthold Horn, who has created an algorithm that could let cars with adaptive cruise control keep near-perfect pace with the cars around them (you can read the entire research paper here). The technique works by equipping cars with rangefinders and other sensors (which those with adaptive cruise control already have) to gauge the distance and speed of cars ahead of them and behind them. Given this data, an algorithm that Horn developed has proven effective in simulations at leveling…

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